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What Is Pull-and-Replace Kitchen Remodeling?

Do you have a kitchen that is in serious need of an update? Maybe you’ve been looking around, getting quotes on a complete kitchen gut, and the numbers are astronomical. What if you love the layout of your kitchen, the size is perfect for your needs, but the kitchen is feeling seriously out of date? A pull-and-replace kitchen remodel may be a perfect, more affordable option for those who want to upgrade their kitchen.

What are the benefits of a pull-and-replace kitchen remodeling?

One of the most alluring incentives is the price point. Since you will be leaving the main layout of your kitchen as-is, there are no expensive costs to move plumbing, or rewiring your kitchen. By eliminating the tedious task of rewiring and moving pipes, the cost of remodeling is drastically reduced.

Once it is determined that the kitchen layout will stay the same, you can go on to choose what upgrades you want added to your kitchen. Floors, countertops and cabinets will all be replaced. Tile is an excellent choice for kitchen flooring as it is durable and can withstand constant, heavy traffic.

What is a kitchen remodel without new countertops? Countertops are the heartbeat of your kitchen. Most people are looking for durable, practical and eye catching countertops to complete the look of their pull-and-replace kitchen remodel. Your trusted remodeling contractor can recommend the best countertops for your kitchen, and make sure that they are installed properly.

Cabinet upgrade options

You will need to choose the kitchen cabinet upgrade that will fit best in your newly renovated kitchen. Do you love your kitchen cabinets? An affordable option during a kitchen renovation is to hire a trusted professional to refinish your kitchen cabinets. Cabinet refinishing adds new life to well made kitchen cabinets, and a well painted cabinet will transform the feel of your kitchen.

If it is time for a complete change, you may decide to install brand new kitchen cabinets. New cabinets is a quick way to dramatically change the look of your kitchen without redesigning the entire layout.

Transform Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

By choosing to do a pull-and-replace kitchen remodel, you can reduce the costs of the remodel and yet completely transform your kitchen. If you love the way your kitchen is laid out, but it desperately needs a dramatic upgrade, this affordable, less invasive plan may be the thing for you!

We’d love to help you with your project, let’s get started!