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Tips for a Brighter Basement Remodel

You don’t often think of the words ‘bright’ and ‘basement’ as going together. With little to no natural light basements tend to be dark, drab places. But this does not mean your finished basement has to feel like a cave!

With years of experience helping people to make the most out of their homes we’ve learned a few tricks to make basement remodels feel as bright and open as possible.

Maximizing Light In Your Basement

If your basement is unfinished or you plan to move walls in a currently finished basement, now is the time to add windows or even a walk out. Keeping an open floor plan is another trick to allow whatever natural light your basement does get to reach further into the space.

Even if you are lucky enough to have one or two exposed walls in your basement you will still need to incorporate additional lighting. Many basements have lower ceilings which makes recessed lighting a great choice. You can still add flush mount fixtures or wall mounted lighting to special areas. You will just want to keep in mind how the space will be used to avoid having low hanging fixtures in a walkway.

Reflective surfaces help bounce light back into a space. Opt for glossy finishes on doors and trim, tile or laminate flooring, and add mirrors or reflective decorative objects. Avoid using a glossier finish on your remodeled basement ceiling though, as you don’t want to draw extra attention to the ceiling or make the space appear shorter.

Your D.C. Home’s Basement Remodel

Creating an entirely new space from scratch in your home is an exciting prospect but one that can quickly feel overwhelming without a team of experts to guide you. Luckily, working with homeowners to create the space of their dreams is our passion. To learn more about how we can transform your D.C. Metropolitan home contact us today!

Image via Houzz

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