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Spring in Maryland: Your After-Winter Home Checkup

In spite of a winter storm sneaking in on the first day of spring here in Maryland, warmer temperatures are on the way, and it’s time for your home to welcome a new season. Here’s your After-Winter Checkup ​to make certain you’re ship-shape to enjoy spring. 

Clear the Decks 

First on your list? Clean your workspace. Stow shovels, de-icing products, and any holiday debris left behind from winter festivities. No judging here, we’ve all been surprised by that one thing left behind! 

Do a Walk-Around

Circle your home looking for peeling paint, loose caulking and any damage caused by ice, or enthusiastically removed snow. Take note of problem areas and make arrangements for a reputable contractor to take a look and provide estimates. 

Look Up, But Stay Down

Think there may be an issue with your roof? Most professionals offer free estimates, and they have the equipment and know-how to evaluate your roof and determine if repairs are needed. Keeping both feet on the ground ensures you’ll be ready for all those activities put on hold during a mid-atlantic winter. 

Get the Big Picture

Head out to your neighbor’s house across the street and check out your curb appeal. Does your exterior need a little updating? Sometimes a small project can yield a huge change, like installing a new front door, or adding a covered entrance. 

Think Outside the House

We all dream of summertime vacations, but what if you could create some of those feelings at home? Now’s the time to consider sprucing up or adding additional outdoor spaces to bring that vacation vibe into your own yard. Think about what you like to do outside. Early morning coffee on the deck? Gardening? Entertaining in the evening, tiny lights aglow and a glass of wine? Custom brick pizza oven in your own yard? And you don’t have to do it all yourself. 

Get Inspired​

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what you want. Do a little online surfing, checking out the work performed by local contractors

Better still? 

Take a drive and see what other folks in your area have done with their homes. Ask for recommendations, and follow up to see who would be a good match for you and your project. 

Slow Down & Enjoy 

Once you’ve addressed the home issues winter left behind, take time to actually enjoy your own personal space. Too often we get caught up doing all the things, and we forget to enjoy our homes. This spring, make plans to change that. 

Get a little spring in your step, and a few less to-dos on your list!

We’d love to help you with your project, let’s get started!