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Home Care Tip #1: Faucet Maintenance Tips


Few things are more frustrating than running into an issue with a faucet. Water (and water pressure) is something that we unfortunately can easily take for granted, and turning on your shower only to find a small, sputtering stream is almost as bad for your morning as running out of coffee.  So, to help you troubleshoot your next faucet issue, I’ve outlined a few common problems and their equally common roots.

What Causes Your Washing Machine to Fill Slowly?This might sound simplistic, but at the heart of every water-flow problem is some sort of blockage. The key is to know where to look!  At the end of your washing machine’s water hose, there will be a small screen that is designed and included for the purpose of catching debris. It generally does its job well, and this means that occasionally it will become clogged. Or, at the very least, partially clogged, and this causes the slowing of the incoming flow. Shutting off the water, detaching the hose, then clearing this filtration screen is often all it takes to restore full pressure.

Why Is Your Showerhead’s Flow Weak?This particular issue is often created by mineral deposits that build up in the head, essentially clogging the pores of your shower. Take a look at the graphic below for a quick, easy way to literally break this problem down.

Fixing a Weak Flow In Your Kitchen FaucetEven more so than in a bathroom, weak water pressure in a kitchen sink can be a real inconvenience. Much like the issue I talked about above with a slowly-filling washing machine, your kitchen faucet may be suffering from a clogged filtration screen or disc as well.  Disassembling your aerator assembly so that you can clean your screen may be exactly what you need to do. This is a relatively easy fix!

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