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6 Tips for Maximizing Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re dreaming and scheming about a kitchen remodel, we don’t blame you one bit.

Not only is it fun to create an entirely new, updated cooking space, but the kitchen really is the heart of your home. When you add a ton of new style to this central hub, it radiates out and elevates the rest of your house.

Not to mention the added marketability and resale value!

The key now is to make sure you think bigger than just countertops, flooring, and cabinets. There is a whole world of possibilities and options, and it pays to know in advance that you’re getting EXACTLY what you want and need.

Before You Remodel Your Kitchen, Consider This...

Here are a few key tips and ideas to keep in mind!

What’s Your Budget? 

Determine in advance what your budget is going to be, and then collaborate closely with your professional remodeling company. With the context of your budget in mind, you can then sort your list of “needs” and “wants.”

Pull-and-Replace, or Full Remodel? 

Remember, if you can keep the same footprint, you’ll end up saving in the long run. There’s less plumbing to change, less electrical, and less overall construction taking place. But don’t be fooled - the transformation will still be drastic!

Storage Solutions 

As fun as the new style in your kitchen space is, remember to consider function too. An experienced builder with carpentry expertise can help you maximize every inch. Custom cabinets, pantry cabinets, wine racks in the island, appliance garages, etc...

Your Lighting 

That single overhead light (and the window over the sink) just won’t cut it anymore. Try adding different layers of light instead, including (for example) recessed lights placed strategically overhead, undercabinet lights for the evening, and specific work station lights for those places you spend the most time slicing and dicing.

What Are the Best Material Options? 

Budget drives material decisions without a doubt, but you also should consider long term value and functionality. To show you what we mean, let’s talk about countertops. There are numerous options available today, extending way beyond budget-friendly laminate or high-end granite and marble. For a comprehensive overview, take a look at this helpful blog article.

Cool Features!  

Now is the time to think about those cool touches that will make your life easier and your kitchen that much more unique. Pot fillers, multifunctional islands, custom lighting, etc... In fact, check out this inspirational article for even more ideas!

But First, Find Your Ideal Kitchen Remodeling Professional

This is a partnership, meaning you have to be able to trust, collaborate, and communicate well with the builder you choose. Take the time to research your prospective pro carefully, and look for clear communication, proper credentials, examples of past work, and that overall (but not to be undervalued!) good feeling. Go with your gut!

If you live here in the D.C. area, we invite you to contact us at Stohlman & Kilner Remodeling Contractors. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

We’d love to help you with your project, let’s get started!