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4 Closet Renovation Options for Your DC Home

Have you been getting the renovation itch, but you don’t want to deal with all the hassle of rerouting your plumbing and electric? There’s good news. With a closet makeover, you can enjoy all the thrills of having a newly renovated space without overhauling your bathroom or kitchen.

When it comes to closet renovation, the project can be as simple or expansive as you’d like. Closet renovation work often includes new drywall, painting, light fixture installation, and flooring.

There are numerous design options for closets, and the option you choose largely depends on how you plan to use your new space. Let’s take a look at four of the most popular closet types...

4 Popular Closet Design Styles

1.) Storage - A storage closet will have plenty of space to store your stuff. That said, it’ll feel smaller. Storage closets are a reach-in design, and usually have lots of shelving and cubbies. They’re perfect for food pantries, storing off-season clothes or decorations, you name it!

2.) Standard - A standard reach-in closet opens in the front, has some overhead space, a hanging bar, and room in the body or sides for additional storage. Traditional closets are great for everyday use in the bedroom, as well as short-term storage.

3.) Walk-in - The walk-in is a step up from standard closets. These will be deep, and will have a greater variety of storage and display options. Installing a walk-in may involve removing a nonsupporting wall to make ample space. They’re great for larger pantries, tool rooms, and bedroom usage.

4.) Showroom - The showroom is a room of its own. It’s often an extension of the bedroom, and it has enough space to hold furniture items like vanities, mirrors, and bureaus. The showroom is the perfect place to keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories clean, neat, and ready to go!

Decoration Ideas for Your New Closet

Once your newly renovated closet is in place, then comes the fun part. There are all kinds of closet decoration ideas, and your imagination is the limit. If you need some help in that department, check out this photo album by HGTV.

Some options include shoe racks, cubbies, chests, hooks and hangers, lighting, French doors, and more!

Talk to Your Local Closet Renovation Experts

Ready to start that project? Get in touch with your home remodeling experts, and we’ll help you out with your new closet design.

We’d love to help you with your project, let’s get started!