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3 Practical Ways to Improve the Value of Your DC Area Home

It’s always a great feeling to take a good thing and make it better. When it comes to home ownership, you can experience a double benefit with every renovation and improvement you make. Not only are you making the space more enjoyable to live in, but you’re creating an investment that will show its value down the road in a big way.

When it comes time to put your house on the market, those upgrades will increase the overall worth of your property, often above and beyond the initial cost! Let’s take a look at some tried and true home improvements…

1.) Install Beautiful Fixtures

Fixtures include anything that’s permanently mounted in the home, and can range from knobs to wall-mounted mirrors. The fixtures in homes today have gone beyond simply being functional. They’ve become important elements of both style and decor, and can be an easy and fun way to boost your home’s value!

Here’s a list of affordable fixtures you can shop around for:



-Sink bowls

-Towel rods


-Cabinet and drawer handles

-Overhead lights

You’ll find fixtures all around your house, but bathrooms can be treasure troves. Before you shop, check out our blog on simple shower upgrades that can make your bathroom a higher valued, functional space.

2.) Think outside the box (of your interior!)

Take a few steps outside, and check out your home from the roadside. How are things looking, top to bottom? Curb appeal is a huge part of your home’s resale value. There are all kinds of creative ways to boost your curb appeal on a budget, and few things will beat the satisfaction of making your property front an aesthetic masterpiece!

Here are some simple, affordable exterior upgrades to consider:

-Upgraded gutter system

-Chimney cap

-Energy efficient doors and windows


-Gravel or mulch beds

Looking for more tips? Read our blog on a few simple ways to boost your home’s curb appeal!

3.) Paint your home’s interior!

When it comes to property value, one of the most effective and proven upgrades is painting. All it takes is a professional paint job with the right colors to transform your home’s interior completely. Here’s a pro tip: If you’re looking to paint, keep your eye out for upcoming color trends. These can help you pick colors that are fresh, popular, and marketable!

Here are some of the best areas to paint for a fresh new interior:

-Recessed walls

-Kitchen and bathroom cabinets




Want more expert insights? Read our short article on how the right interior paint job can improve your home’s worth!

Your Home Improvement Experts in the DC Metropolitan Area

For renovations big or small, contact the experts at Stohlman and Kilner. Every improvement makes a difference, from a new addition, to custom-built cabinets, to a painted interior. Let’s talk about improving your home’s value today!

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