About Us

Barry Stohlman

Barry Stohlman began his career in Italy, spending 10 years learning old-world style and craftsmanship in custom cabinetry. Since then, he has remained faithful to that quality tradition while expanding his services to include all kinds of home renovations. His consistent dedication to excellence and professionalism has built a fine reputation in the D.C. metropolitan region.

Pat Kilner

Pat Kilner has been in the construction and remodeling trade for many years, growing a consistent reputation for top-quality work. Specializing in effective project management, from design through completion, Pat is knowledgeable, experienced and personable.

Both having strong businesses based on solid values, Pat and Barry began working together on renovation and remodeling projects several years ago. Stohlman’s expertise in fine detail and custom finishing dovetails perfectly with Kilner’s strengths in house construction and project management. Together, these two craftsman found that they could deliver an unparalleled remodeling experience for D.C. area homeowners, and in 2012 they decided to merge their companies completely.

One of the biggest reasons that Pat and Barry work so well together is their shared values. Both believe in hard work, integrity, family and service. Pat has nine children and Barry has eight, and the two of them believe in serving your family with 

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